Our Company

Green City Lead Paint Inspectors is a Michigan based company that specializes in lead paint inspection and risk assessments for single family homes (i.e., owned and rentals) and multi-family properties (i.e., condominiums and apartments).  The company is founded on the pillars of trust, reliability and professionalism.  Green City certified professionals maintain active state licensing and the company is fully insured.  In addition, dust wipe and soil sample analysis is conducted by laboratories that are Nationally Lead Laboratory Accredited.  Green City works and coordinates with owners, contractors, property managers and tenants to make the process seamless and efficient.

Scheduling Process 

Order an Inspection or Clearance

  • Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment typically occur prior to renovating the property to identify potential lead hazards. Pricing is based on relevant factors including, but not limited to, square footage of property, number of rooms, access to the property, and property location.
  • Clearance Testing is performed upon completion of the renovation and pricing varies depending on relevant factors including whether Green City conducted the lead inspection and risk assessment, access to property and property location.
  • Prospective clients complete an order form either online or contacts office directly. All orders will be confirmed by either email or phone call by a Green City representative.

Pricing (contact the office directly for a schedule of rates)

  • Pricing schedules are available by contacting the office.
  • Rates will vary depending on the type of property (i.e., Bungalow, Colonial or Colonial plus).
  • Make sure to ask a Green City representative about Volume Pricing Packages and how to qualify.

Timing of Inspection or Clearance

  • Green City can respond to urgent requests by owners but our appointment calendar fills quickly and can take weeks to get new orders on the appointment calendar.
  • Please contact a Green City representative directly if the matter is urgent.


  • An order placed will NOT be scheduled on the appointment calendar until Green City receives advance payment for services requested.
  • Nor will a report be issued until the invoice is paid in full, which includes, but not limited to, laboratory analysis charges.